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We specialise in designing and making high quality custom made pieces, specially commissioned by customers. During consultation at the shop customers can discuss and see a breadth of designs, current examples and relevant portfolio pictures.

Customers and their loved ones appreciate receiving a unique piece designed and made especially for them. You may or may not already have in mind a design you like.  Each piece is individually handcrafted according to customers’ own design and requirements.  This makes for a truly special, exclusive, personal piece of jewellery; in keeping with the individuality of their personality or relationship. more...

At Peter Jenner’s we provide a true bespoke service: customers coming to the shop deal direct with the craftsman, not a middleman.
We are jewellery makers, the shop is the workshop. The designing and making of jewellery is our primary in-house business, always done personally by Peter. This brings many benefits for our customers, not least in terms of price as there is no extra layer of cost.  It ensures that they get truly personal service, expert advice, and their requirements understood and met as there is no extra layer of interpretation or access. more...

Customers of course have the additional reassurance of knowing Peter has an established shop presence and reputation.  We have a valued customer loyalty including internationally.

Our customers value quality. With over 30 years personal experience as a designer and maker, Peter delivers the beautiful piece you dream of. He brings expertise and versatility in design - encompassing classic and contemporary styles - and in making. Using quality materials, Peter is expert at working in gold, platinum and silver, often incorporating diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gemstones. more...

Our customers also love the experience of our bespoke process: click here

No time?
Alternatively to having jewellery made to order, customers can select from a range of individual items already created by Peter and available at our shop in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Either way customers receive quality designed and made jewellery

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